A Coyote Columbus Story


ISBN: 9780888998309
Dewey: E
LCC Number: PZ7.K58917
Author: Thomas F King
Illustrator: William Kent Monkman
Pages: 32
Age Group:


A trickster named Coyote rules her world| until a funny-looking stranger named Columbus changes her plans.
Unimpressed by the wealth of moose| turtles| and beavers in Coyote’s land| he’d rather figure out how to hunt human beings to sell back in Spain.
Thomas King uses a bag of literary tricks to shatter the stereotypes surrounding Columbus’s voyages.
In doing so| he invites children to laugh with him at the crazy antics of Coyote| who unwittingly allows Columbus to engineer the downfall of his human friends.
William Kent Monkman’s vibrant illustrations perfectly complement this amusing story with a message..

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