A Dead Man’s Tale


ISBN: 9780312548896
Dewey: FIC
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Author: James D Doss
Pages: 368
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“At seven feet tall| Colorado rancher and Ute tribal investigator Charlie Moon is a larger-than-life figure–and a force to be reckoned with| on and off the reservation…”
Hard times have come to Colorado| and Moon’s ranch is feeling the pinch.
Not so for Samuel Reed.
He seems to have a special intuition when it comes to picking stocks| and claims to be able to remember the future| which gives him quite a leg up on Wall Street.
So Reed is quite confident when he makes a wager with Moon’s best friend| Granite Creek Chief of Police Scott Parris| that Parris can’t keep him alive.
Even when Reed doesn’t offer any details beyond the date and time of his impending demise| Moon has a sixth sense that everything will turn out just fine…until not one| but two men end up left for dead.
Now it’s up to Moon–along with the help of his Aunt Daisy| an aged Ute shaman who can communicate with the spirit world–to solve the case.
Or die trying…

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