A Feather, a Pipe and a Kicking Broom


ISBN: 9781606045855
Dewey: FIC
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Author: Michelle Arbaugh
Pages: 158
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“‘At two-fifteen a.m.| the Dream Catcher twirled softly as the yellow aura reached out to carry Red Mule back. He opened his eyes to see the soft animal skin walls of his tipi and| through the smoke hole| the dark sky overhead. Stars glistened more brightly than he had ever seen before. ‘See ‘a’ sitist (It is night)| ‘ the returning brave remarked.’ ” Join author Michelle Arbaugh in this mystically captivating adventure of a modern boy’s journey to manhood as a Native American Indian. A Feather| a Pipe and a Kicking Broom reveals the traditions| tribulations| and sacred values of tribal life in a time when warriors rode the vast plains of a simpler America. Witness the fierce young rivals| Red Mule and Screaming Bear| battle against each other as they go through an intensive training program necessary to become warriors. A Feather| a Pipe and a Kicking Broom offers a unique insight to tribal life with historically accurate details and a mix of several Native American languages| as well as incredible adventure| excitement| and emotion.

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