A Full Life in Sitka Alaska


ISBN: 9781450250511
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Author: Martin R Strand Sr
Pages: 156
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The editor| Ken Smith| has been involved socially| politically| culturally| economically and spiritually in the life of Alaska for over sixty years. He has been Martin’s friend for this same period of time. Martin| who physically passed away soon after deciding to write these books| had great expectations for this trilogy. It is our hope that we have at least partially fulfilled those expectations Martin R. Strand Sr. is a unique transitional person between Tlingit culture and Caucasian culture within the State of Alaska.| not just in the past but also in the present. As you read the various selections in the trilogy you will gain an accurate understanding of this personality who was forever seeking to understand other persons| the natural habitat in which he was raised| and the cultural nuances that he received from his grandparents only to be passed on to his grandchildren and others. He is proud but at the same time loving. He is curious but also satisfied with little. Above all else he ‘wants to make a difference’ and through these writings he does.

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