A Totem Pole History: The Work of Lummi Carver Joe Hillaire


ISBN: 9780803240971
Dewey: B
LCC Number: E99.L65
Author: Pauline Hillaire
Pages: 284
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Joseph Hillaire (Lummi| 1894-1967) is recognized as one of the great Coast Salish artists| carvers| and tradition-bearers of the twentieth century.
In “A Totem Pole History|” his daughter Pauline Hillaire| Scalla-Of the Killer Whale (b.
1929)| who is herself a well-known cultural historian and conservator| tells the story of her father’s life and the traditional and contemporary Lummi narratives that influenced his work.
“A Totem Pole History” contains seventy-six photographs| including Joe’s most significant totem poles| many of which Pauline watched him carve.
She conveys with great insight the stories| teachings| and history expressed by her father’s totem poles.
Eight contributors provide essays on Coast Salish art and carving| adding to the author’s portrayal of Joe’s philosophy of art in Salish life| particularly in the context of twentieth century intercultural relations.
This engaging volume provides an historical record to encourage Native artists and brings the work of a respected Salish carver to the attention of a broader audience.

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