A Voice in the Wind


ISBN: 9780152058753
Dewey: FIC
LCC Number: PZ7.L3274
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Pages: 184
Age Group:


[shared copy] The Starbuck family is “anything “but ordinary.
There are two sets of Starbuck twins: preteens Liberty and July| and their little sisters Charly and Molly.
But even more extraordinary is the fact that all four children have the ability to teleflash–they can talk to each other without saying a word! It’s a power that comes in handy whenever these adventurous kids are on the trail of a villian.
Before the Starbuck family embarks on a trip to New Mexico| a whisper comes through the wind to Liberty.
It leads her and her twin| July| to an ancient hillside dwelling that was the site of a tragedy.
In their quest to rectify the wrongs of the past| the twins encounter a group of thieves who will stop at “nothing” to steal the artifacts in the ancient home.

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