A World of Faces: Masks of the Northwest Coast Indians (Revised)


ISBN: 9780917304057
Dewey: 731.75
LCC Number: E78.N78
Author: Edward Malin
Pages: 168
Age Group:


The creation| use| and meaning of the masks created by the native Americans of the Northwest Coast are brought to life by an author who knows and loves the art| craft| and lore behind the masks.
It is the first book devoted to a thorough explication of the techniques of mask-making and the role of the artist and his masks in the society.
The reader will see the masks not in the cold light of a glass museum case| but as their people did – in the moving dramas and firelight of the long houses.
Illustrated with line drawings by the author as well as with photographs| A World of Faces explores the riches of this ancient tradition| showing outstanding old masks that survive to our day.
This art| almost lost| is being renewed by modern carvers of the Tlingit| Haida| Tsimshian| Kwakiutl| and Nootka tribes.

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