Aboriginal Canada Revisited


ISBN: 9780776606798
Dewey: 971.00497
LCC Number: E78.C2
Author: Kerstin Knopf
Pages: 422
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Exploring a variety of topics–including health| politics| education| art| literature| media| and film–“Aboriginal Canada Revisited” draws a portrait of the current political and cultural position of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. While lauding improvements made in the past decades| the contributors draw attention to the systemic problems that continue to marginalize Aboriginal people within Canadian society.

From the Introduction: “[This collection helps] to highlight areas where the colonial legacy still takes its toll| to acknowledge the manifold ways of Aboriginal cultural expression| and to demonstrate where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people are starting to find common ground.”

Contributors include Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal scholars from Europe and Canada| including Marlene Atleo| University of Manitoba; Mansell Griffin| Nisga’a Village of Gitwinksihlkw| British Columbia; Robert Harding| University College of the Fraser Valley; Tricia Logan| University of Manitoba; Steffi Retzlaff| McMaster University; Siobhan Smith| University of British Columbia; Barbara Walberg| Confederation College.

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