Abuelita’s Heart


ISBN: 9781416975762
Dewey: E
LCC Number: PZ7.C815357
Author: Amy Cordova
Illustrator: Amy Cordova
Pages: 32
Age Group:


ABUELITA LIVES in a land the color of sunset| with a soft white dog named Cristal| a yard full of friendly animal visitors| and a heart as big and as round as the entire world.
Abuelita says| “The earth is enchanted here.
La tierra esta encantada aqui.” And indeed it is.
Set in the American Southwest| this richly told and beautifully illustrated picture book pays tribute to family connections| family history| and community| and it shares one grandmother’s heartfelt advice to her little granddaughter.
“It is by reaching out to one another that we| too| create something beautiful to last throughout the ages.”

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