All That We Say Is Ours: Guujaaw and the Reawakening of the Haida Nation


ISBN: 9781553651864
Dewey: 971.112005
LCC Number: E99.H2
Author: Ian Gill
Pages: 317
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Haida Gwaii| also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands| is the Galapagos of the north. Famous for their wild beauty| the islands are also the ancient homeland of the Haida Nation. Integral to Haida culture is the relationship to the land| and the Haidas have spent many years trying to protect and recover control of it. Under the leadership of Giindajin Haawasti Guujaaw| the visionary artist| drummer| and orator| the Haida blockaded loggers| joined forces with environmentalists| lobbied political leaders| and in 2004 filed suit against the Canadian government| laying claim to their entire traditional territory. Ian Gill captures the excitement of the Haida struggle and their passion for their culture. He also reveals the making of an artist and political activist: Guujaaw’s audacity| eloquence| tactical skills| and deep knowledge of his homeland place him at the heart of this riveting story| and this book reveals his extraordinary role in it.

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