Allan Houser: An American Master (Chiricahua Apache, 1914-1994)


ISBN: 9780810943261
Dewey: 730.92
LCC Number: NB237.H62
Author: W Jackson Rushing
Pages: 256
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Allan Houser (Haozous| in his native language) was a Chiricahua Apache| whose family once belonged to Geronimo’s guerrilla band. After the remnants of this group were released in 1913 from decades of internment by the United States Government| the artist’s family moved to a farm in Oklahoma| where Houser was born in 1914. In his teens| Houser attended the Santa Fe Indian School| where he first studied art. Although immersed in Apache tradition| as a student Houser was fascinated by art from all over the world| and he resisted the school’s attempt to force him to work in what was considered the proper Native American style of flat forms| bright colors| and Indian subjects. Instead| he mastered a number of styles| from straightforward representation to abstraction| and throughout his career remained alert to developments in the work of his contemporaries. Houser’s sculpture| considered his finest work| can be seen in many collections both in the United States and abroad. Among his most famous works are Sacred Rain Arrow| which welcomed athletes to the 2002 Winter Olympics| and Offering of the Sacred Pipe| which was created for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. In 1992| Hous

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