American Indian Culture [2 Volumes]: From Counting Coup to Wampum


ISBN: 9781440828737
Dewey: 970.00497
LCC Number: E98.S7
Author: Bruce E Johansen
Pages: 766
Age Group:


“American Indian Culture: From Counting Coup to Wampum” is organized by cultural form (Arts; Family| Education| and Community; Food; Language and Literature; Media and Popular Culture; Music and Dance; Spirituality; and Transportation and Housing). Examples of topics covered include icons of Native culture| such as pow wows| Indian dancing| and tipi dwellings; Native art forms such as pottery| rock art| sandpainting| silverwork| tattooing| and totem poles; foods such as corn| frybread| and wild rice; and Native Americans in popular culture. The extensive introductory section| breadth of topics| accessibly written text| and range of perspectives from the hundreds of contributors make this work a must-have resource for high school and undergraduate audiences.

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