American Indian Jewelry I: 1,200 Artist Biographies


ISBN: 9780966694871
Dewey: 739.270973
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Author: Gregory Schaaf
Pages: 344
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Major Reverence Book Series for American Indian Art! Hardback| 2|000 biographical profiles| ca.
1800-Present| 1|000 illustrations (color and historic b & w)| hallmarks.
REVIEWS: ***** The Bibles of Native Arts! Dan Gibson| editor| Native Peoples Magazine The volume will for decades remain a primary resource.
Bruce Bernstain| Smithsonian Institution| National Museum of the American Indian this is the first time that a comprehensive survey and databases for Indian artists have been done.
It has been a long time in coming| and its impact will be significant for Indian artist adn collectors of Indian art for decades to come.
Greg Cajete| University of New Mexico THE reference books for Indian art.
Ira and Dick Diestler A real service to the Indian Art World.
Al Anthony

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