American Indians & National Parks


ISBN: 9780816520145
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Author: Michael F Turek Robert H Keller
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Many national parks and monuments tell unique stories of the struggle between the rights of native peoples and the wants of the dominant society. These stories involve our greatest parks–Yosemite| Yellowstone| Mesa Verde| Glacier| the Grand Canyon| Olympic| Everglades–as well as less celebrated parks elsewhere. In “American Indians and National Parks|” authors Robert Keller and Michael Turek relate these untold tales of conflict and collaboration. American Indians and National Parks details specific relationships between native peoples and national parks| including land claims| hunting rights| craft sales| cultural interpretation| sacred sites| disposition of cultural artifacts| entrance fees| dams| tourism promotion| water rights| and assistance to tribal parks. Beginning with a historical account of Yosemite and Yellowstone| “American Indians and National Parks” reveals how the creation of the two oldest parks affected native peoples and set a pattern for the century to follow. Keller and Turek examine the evolution of federal policies toward land preservation and explore provocative issues surrounding park/Indian relations. When has the National Park Service changed its policies and attitudes toward Indian tribes| and why? How have environmental organizations reacted when native demands| such as those of the Havasupai over land claims in the Grand Canyon| seem to threaten a national park? How has the Park Service dealt with native claims to hunting and fishing rights in Glacier| Olympic| and the Everglades? While investigating such questions| the authors traveled extensively in national parks and conducted over 200 interviews with Native Americans| environmentalists| park rangers| and politicians. They meticulously researched materials in archives and libraries| assembling a rich collection of case studies ranging from the 19th century to the present. In “American Indians and National Parks|” Keller and Turek tackle a significant and complicated subject for the first time| presenting a balanced and detailed account of the Native-American/national-park drama. This book will prove to be an invaluable resource for policymakers| conservationists| historians| park visitors| and others who are concerned about preserving both cultural and natural resources.

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