America’s Famous Hopi Indians!: Their Spiritual Way of Life & Incredible Prophecies!


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Author: Boye Lafayette De Mente
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The oral history of Arizona’s Hopi Indian tribe tells them that they were the first human beings to inhabit the North and South American continents and that they arrived aboard large rafts| island-hopping across the Pacific Ocean…not by the land bridge that once connected Alaska and Siberia. The details of their arrival| splitting up into groups and going in different directions to populate the two continents| are so detailed that it is hard to believe that they are just myths concocted for some ulterior purpose. In this provocative title| the author| known for his code-word books on the cultures of China| Japan| Korea and Mexico| uses key Hopi words as windows to reveal the traditional beliefs| customs and spirit of the Hopi people. The spiritual-based lifestyle they created was in many ways far superior to those that developed in Europe and other parts of the world…especially in their understanding of both humans and nature| and the cosmos at large. Perhaps most astounding of all in the story of the Hopi is their tradition of prophecies and their in-credible accuracy.

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