Ancient Wisdom, Living Tradition


ISBN: 9780940666757
Dewey: 294.3
LCC Number: BQ135.K424
Author: Marcia Keegan
Illustrator: Marcia Keegan, 88 color photogr
Pages: 112
Age Group:


This beautiful book invites the reader to experience the ancient cultural-spiritual tradition of the Himalayas| which remains vital in Tibet| Bhutan| Nepal| Sikkim| and Ladakh up to the present day. It offers a selection of verses and sayings of the great sages and teachers as well as traditional prayers and songs reflecting the spiritual worldview that is the foundation of life and inspires its daily rhythms| gestures| and rituals.

The wisdom of the ancient teachings is transmitted in simple yet expressive language that encourages reflection. Complementing and subtly echoing the teachings| Marcia Keegan’s sensitive photographs of the people and landscapes of the Himalayan Buddhist countries depict the qualities that make the cultures of these traditional peoples unique and precious. Together| words and images evoke a sense of timeless spiritual commitment based on Buddhist ideals of the cultivation of compassion| equanimity| and wisdom.

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