Bad Medicine


ISBN: 9780553377996
Dewey: FIC
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Author: Ron Querry
Pages: 336
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Dr. Push Foster takes a 2-year job at the Lukachukai Health Station with no thought that he will soon be plunged into a medical mystery and crisis: the outbreak of a pneumonia-like illness whose terrible swiftness makes it almost impossible to treat. And most mysteriously all the victims have been Navajo| and young. With contacts at the CDC in atlanta| push calls in all the expert help he can. But the scientific answers to what is eventually identified as the rodent-borne hanta virus are unsatisfying| even irrelevant| to the Navajo| who believe something far more frightening is at work–an imbalance with far-reaching effects. And ultimately push himself comes to see the limits of what doctors can accomplish| and the liberating power of accepting other forces at work in the world. Full of wonderful imagery and scenes both moving and frightening–a hand-trembler trying to save a young life| a skinwalker changing form on a lonely road at twilight–this is a colorful and finally gripping novel of modern plagues and timeless evil.

“From the Hardcover edition.”

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