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Author: Laramie Harlow
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15 unforgettable prose-poems and over 20 true short stories by NDN author Laramie Harlow… Becoming is the title of her impressive (and controversial) second collection. Her sensational first book SLEEPS WITH KNIVES was published in 2012 by Blue Hand Books. Her writing about being a Lost Bird, a journalist-author-blogger, a grandma, and the Seven Fires Prophecy in modern times is pure alchemy. Times change and people change so Laramie Harlow is about becoming the change… “BECOMING” Laramie, Lethal Journalist about her foray into becoming an editor, Terror Bunny, a story she tells her granddaughter, and Butt Dancer, a chapter about birthdays and her “my bad” and so much more. ..”.I used to be a rock singer, shop owner, trophy wife, Native history book junkie, journalist, radio show producer. That’s changed like titles change, and names change….These days I make mosaic. I laugh more. I write poetry when I am moved. I live my culture. I blog about everything.” What’s in the BOX? Brad Pitt says this in the movie Seven, remember? (Content in the box pushed poor Brad over the edge.) You can say this about what’s in BECOMING. “Writing about colonizers, Indian Country and ongoing genocide usually gets someone’s head in a tizzy or butt in an uproar. I do that….” The author Lara Trace Hentz is formerly known as award winning journalist Trace A. DeMeyer.

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