Big Mountain Diaries


ISBN: 9780990424505
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Author: Summer Crystalcrow|Spafford Debbie
Illustrator: Debbie Spafford
Pages: 216
Age Group:


A New Years Eve party in London during the hedonistic rave culture of the late 90s and an encounter with a tattooed urban warrior led Summer Crystalcrow on a mythic journey. A journey that led her to the vast expanses of the Navajo and Hopi reservation and encounters with Native American tribal elders clinging desperately to their ancient ways of life. Crystalcrow’s turbulent journey facing dangerous situations, strange vortex energies, and government oppression led her to a life changing prophetic message of grave warning to humanity. Wrapped in a story of love for the Earth, activism, visions and adventure this is a journal based on true events. A revelation that illuminates the Hopi prophecy of grave warning to humanity of the climatic changes that are already resulting in devastating losses to the Earth, humans and the animal kingdom.

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