Book of Indian Crafts and Indian Lore: The Perfect Guide to Creating Your Own Indian-Style Artifacts


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Author: Julian Harris Salomon
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A fascinating introduction to a variety of Native American projects and history!
Learn everything there is to know about Indian crafts and lore. Julian Harris Salomon takes you on a breathtaking journey of Native American customs and traditions. Originally published in 1928, this book is filled with dozens of illustrations portraying Indian art that will help you learn about traditional creations and customs. See why camp directors and leaders of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts look to Indian lore to enrich their programs in handicrafts, ceremonial studies, and geography. Some of the many projects featured include:
Crafting eagle-feather bonnets
Building campfires
Making bow and arrows
Constructing tipis and wigwams
Adults and children alike will learn about the history behind each and every project. Why are dance ceremonies an integral part of Native American culture? Why did the Indians prefer using a bow and arrows for survival in an age when muskets were the norm? Explore the numerous methods and instructions for an assortment of games and sports, such as lacrosse, football race, and toss and catch. These particular games and dances weren t just for entertainment; they were also performed to avert disaster, heal the sick, and summon rain.
“The Book of Indian Crafts and Indian Lore” isn t just an instructional piece, but an anthropologist s companion. It is a book of wonder containing valuable research and information you won t find anyplace else.”

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