Edward Curtis


ISBN: 9783822819814
Dewey: 770.92
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Author: Hans-Christian Adam
Illustrator: Edward Curtis
Pages: 240
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For over thirty years| photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) traveled the length and breadth of North America| seeking to record in words and images the traditional life of its vanishing indigenous inhabitants. Like a man possessed| he strove to realize his life’s work| which culminated in the publication of his encyclopedia “”The North American Indian.”” In the end| this monumental work comprised twenty textual volumes and twenty portfolios with over 2000 illustrations. No other photographer has created a larger oeuvre on this theme| and it is Curtis| more than any other| who has crucially molded our conception of Native Americans. This book shows the photographer’s most impressive pictures and vividly details his journey through life| which led him not only into the prairies but also into the film studios of Hollywood.

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