Edward S. Curtis: Visions of the First Americans


ISBN: 9780785826507
Dewey: 970.0049702
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Author: Don Gulbrandsen
Pages: 256
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“Edward S.
Curtis: Visions of the First Americans” is a tribute to the photographer| his work| but above all to the Native Americans he photographed.
Chapters on many different Native American tribes make this collection unique.
Edward Curtis’s recognizable style| saturated with sepia| is immediately recognizable.
He captures not only the striking faces of his subjects| but also a glimpse into the lifestyle of each Native American tribe he photographed.
Women grind corn| and communities gather outside their traditional living areas.
Atop horses| Native Americans ride on the prarie.
Papooses are bundled in woven carrying packs| and men are dressed in full feathered regalia.
These images paint a picture| known to us now only as a historical memory.
Many tribes are featured in this volume| from the familiar Apache and Navaho to lesser-known tribes.
this book will draw in readers who are interested in world cultures| along with photography buffs and historians.
this hardcover volume is a wonderful addition to any library.

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