Enough for All: Foods of My Dry Creek Pomo and Bodega Miwuk People


ISBN: 9781597142427
Dewey: 641.59297
LCC Number: E98.F7
Author: Kathleen Rose Smith
Pages: 123
Age Group:


Celebrating Native California food gathering and preparation across the seasons| Kathleen Rose Smith reveals the practices handed down through generations of her Bodega Miwuk and Pomo ancestors| and shares how these traditions have evolved into the contemporary ways her family still enjoys wild foods. Her knowledge and personal reflections are expressed through recipes| stories| and artwork| recording not only the technical aspects of food gathering| but also the social and spiritual–inextricable elements of traditional California Indian food preparation. She explores relationships between people and nature| and the deep cultural knowledge–respect| thankfulness| joy| and sacrifice–that gives meaning and grace to these most ordinary aspects of daily life. Complete with family stories and photos| this elegant memoir illuminates a world of sustainable bounty–full of abalone| salmon| seaweed| and strawberries. It is at once a pleasure to read and a lesson in survival: the survival of the foods and of the people themselves.

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