Eskimo Architecture:Dwelling and Structure in the Early Historic Period


ISBN: 9781889963679
Dewey: 728.089971
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Author: Molly Lee Gregory A Reinhardt
Pages: 216
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The architecture of Eskimo peoples represents a diversified and successful means of coping with one of the most severe climates on earth. The popular image of the igloo is but one of the many structures examined by experts Lee and Reinhardt in the first book-length study of this remarkable subject. Lavishly illustrated with historic and contemporary photographs| drawings| and maps| this volume includes a comprehensive survey of the historical literature on Eskimo architecture from four Arctic subregions: Greenland; the Central Arctic; the Northwest Arctic and Bering Strait; and Southwest Alaska| the Bering Sea| Siberia| and the Gulf of Alaska. In an innovative consideration of both material and cultural aspects of dwelling| they and the peoples they describe redefine the very meaning of architecture. While scholars of the circumpolar north will welcome the meticulous research of this benchmark study| its clear and fluent prose and abundant illustrations make Eskimo Architecture an engrossing read for anyone interested in the incredible dwellings of arctic indigenous peoples.

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