Maverick Cookbook: Iconic Recipes & Tales from New Mexico


ISBN: 9780991410576
Dewey: 641.59789
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Author: Lynn Cline|Guy Ambrosino
Pages: 196
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One of The 30 Most Exciting New Fall Cookbooks,
In “The Maverick Cookbook,” Lynn Cline chronicles the fascinating history of New Mexico cuisine through the stories of 12 iconic figures: from Dona Tules, Fred Harvey and Billy the Kid to Georgia O’Keeffe and Dennis Hopper. These trailblazers include artists and authors, gamblers and outlaws, entrepreneurs, and the ancient Pueblo people, all of whom had a hand in shaping the region’s celebrated cuisine. Each story is inspired by historyfictional imaginings of a day, or a moment, in the remarkable lives of these mavericks. Each chapter includes original recipes with authentic ingredients and traditional techniques of the era. And Guy Ambrosino’s beautiful photographs capture the timelessness of the foods featured in the book, bringing the recipes to life in rich, vibrant color that will inspire you to make each dish at home.

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