The Circle of Life


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Author: James David Audlin
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In a manner accessible to the general reader, this treasury of traditional Native American sacred teachings offers the results of a lifetime of study of oral traditions involving spirituality, ceremonies, visions, healings, everyday life, and the warrior’s way.
This is the COMPLETE EDITION, three times the length of the previously published version.
“The Circle of Life” presents, in written form, traditional oral Native American sacred teachings from the Iroquois, Lakota, and other traditions.
The author, James David Audlin (Distant Eagle), has been receiving these teachings orally from elders since he was a youth.
The wisdom includes Native American views on cosmology, ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, sociology, psychology, healing, dream interpretation, and vision quests.
Audlin is not a spiritual teacher nor does he even consider himself an authority – he sees himself as a conduit through which the oral traditions handed down to him by elders from various tribes can be presented in a meaningful manner to peoples in today’s modern world.
He outlines universal principles common to all the Native peoples of “Turtle Island” – and, in fact, to many traditional peoples the world over.
We are all a part of the Sacred Hoop, he explains, and the traditional ways of the Native Americans differ only in relatively less essential outer characteristics from the traditional ways of other peoples.
The Red Road is available to everyone -regardless of religion or ethnicity – who is willing to follow its paths.
These paths, however, are often not easy and require deep personal and spiritual commitment.
“The Circle of Life” can be used as a guide on this journey.
As Audlin says in his introduction, “If this book serves any purpose, let it be to help us bring the Sacred Hoop of All the Nations back together again, so we and all that lives may stand as one in silent awe before that Great Mystery.
Grandfather Sings-Alone, of the Eastern Cherokee Nation, author of “Sprinting Backwards to God,” says this book “is a must read for all who want to know the Native ways of worship and honor.” The Rev.
Nickolas M.
Miles, Powhatan Nation says: “James David Audlin’s book Circle of Life offers the reader a glimpse into Native American traditional teachings that will help to eliminate preconceived notions and lead one to a deeper understanding of what it means to live in harmony with all of life.
A bonus to reading this book is that your life will change.
Tim Giago, Oglala Lakota Nation, a nationally syndicated columnist, says: “James David Audlin draws from his own experiences with Indian spirituality and blends them with the traditional Indian spirituality that is becoming more important in America with each passing decade.
In blending his points of view with those of the indigenous people, he has created a mixture of Western values and Indian values.
Some readers may think that the subject matter touches on traditional values some Indians would rather not reveal, and others will embrace his thoughts and his vibrant storytelling about something that has long been on the backburner of history.
Audlin is not bashful in presenting an entirely new conception of Indian spirituality and values.”

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