Who’s Looking for Whom in Native American Ancestry, Volume 1


ISBN: 9780788407512
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Author: Laurie B Duffy Laurie Beth Roman
Pages: 166
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Ms. Roman has compiled this work as a research aid for those seeking Native American ancestors. Section I of this book lists individuals who are being researched. When known, these entries include the date and location of birth, marriage and death. The biographical information is followed by a “Family Tradition,” which is a story passed down about the ancestor, accompanied by or including various details which have been unearthed concerning the individual. The last part of each entry is the name of the researcher who provided the name and information within the entry.Section II of the book is made up of a list of “Indian Tribes and Organizations searching for lost tribal members.” There are three indexes which round out the contents of this book. The first is an index of “Native American Ancestors.” The second is an index of allied names, such as parents, siblings, spouses and children. The last index lists the researchers and each entry attributable to them.

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