Wounded Knee & Sioux Reservations C. 1890:Photographs from Grandpa’s Trunk, the Elmer Clay Byerly Collection


ISBN: 9781622875467
Dewey: 978.3031
LCC Number: E83.89
Author: Lisa Biever Pechia Harla Jean Heiser Biever
Pages: 72
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This book holds a collection of photographs found in my Grandfather’s trunk in the attic. They centered around the Wounded Knee Massacre December 29, 1890 and the Sioux Reservations. Short narratives accompany groups of photos to relate the history surrounding this era. As we studied the photographs from Grandpa’s trunk, a story connecting the people around the events of the Wounded Knee Massacre emerged revealing details of a tragic time in 19th century American history. The reader will find each group of photos is introduced by an enlarged image depicting the subject matter that follows. Some of the photos opened new vistas for us and prompted the investigation of related subjects. The brief narratives accompanying the photos are intended to give the reader further insight into these historic happenings. It is hoped the photographs provide new views into the events involving the Sioux Indians c. 1890. Author Bio: Harla Jean Heiser Biever grew up on a dairy farm in Chadron, Nebraska near her grandparents. Their influence was important in her life. In the early 1980s Providence made way for her to became a tour guide in Spokane, Washington and she fell in love with history. Her first effort toward writing came when she prepared a script and produced an audio-cassette tape for a Spokane City Tour. She continues to manage tours in the Pacific Northwest and across America. Discovering the photographs in her Grandpa’s trunk in the attic and replicating them in this book has led to research of the era centered around the Wounded Knee Massacre. Lisa Biever Pechia lives in Mead, Washington. She is especially interested in the photos. She has numerous friends and family members who have participated in dancing, arts, and craft shows over the years. Two of her children are enrolled members of the Blackfeet Nation in Browning, Montana. She makes regalia for her children and teaches classes on beginning bead work. keywords: Photographs, Wounded Knee, Sioux Indians, Reservations, Beef Issue, Chief Red Cloud Family, Delegations to Washington City

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