38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow, and the Beginning of the Frontier’s End


ISBN: 9780307389138
Dewey: 973.7
LCC Number: E83.86
Author: Scott W Berg
Pages: 363
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A “Kirkus” Best Book of the Year
In August 1862| after suffering decades of hardship| broken treaties| and relentless encroachment on their land| the Dakota leader Little Crow reluctantly agreed that his people must go to war.
After six weeks of fighting| the uprising was smashed| thousands of Indians were taken prisoner by the US army| and 303 Dakotas were sentenced to death.
President Lincoln| embroiled in the most devastating period of the Civil War| personally intervened to save the lives of 265 of the condemned men| but in the end| 38 Dakota men would be hanged in the largest government-sanctioned execution in U.S.
Writing with uncommon immediacy and insight| Scott W.
Berg details these events within the larger context of the Civil War| the his of the Dakota people and the subsequent United States-Indian wars| and brings to life this overlooked but seminal moment in American his.

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