A Carib Grammar and Dictionary


ISBN: 9780978170769
Dewey: 498.422
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Author: Henk Courtz
Pages: 501
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The Carib language| sometimes called Galibi or True Carib| is spoken by some 7000 people living in Venezuela| Guyana| Suriname| French Guiana and Brazil. Henk Courtz’s book| originally a Leiden University Ph.D. dissertation| contains a detailed description of Carib grammar and the most extensive inventory of Carib lexemes and affixes so far. The material is of interest to scholars in the fields of linguistic typology| comparative Cariban linguistics| Carib dialects| and to anyone who is curious to know more about the Carib language of South-America. Please visit the publisher’s website (www.MagoriaBooks.com) for excerpts and errata.

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