A Dictionary of the Choctaw Language


ISBN: 9781151967961
Dewey: 497.3
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Author: Cyrus Byington
Pages: 142
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1915 Excerpt: …n.| food; victuals prepared for the table. na holhtina| n.| arithmetic; a calculation; mathematics. na holhtina holisso| n.| arithmetic; a book upon mathematics. na holipafl| n.| a mastiff; an English dog. na holissochi| n.| a writer; a scribe; a clerk| Luke 5: 21; Matt. 5: 20; 8: 19; 9:3; 12:38; 15: 1; 16:21. na holitompa| n.| treasure| Matt. 13: 44. naholitompa isht ansha| n. pi.| priests| Matt. 12:4; 16:21; Josh. 3:3|6; 6:4|6|8. na holitompaisht atta| n.| sing.| apriest| Matt. 2: 4; 1 Sam. 2: 11| 13. na holitopa| n.| asacred thing; a treasure. na holitopa aialhto| n.| a shrine. na hollo| n.| a supernatural being; one that creates fear and reverence; an inhabitant of the invisible world. This name was thus anciently used| but when thewhites first visited the Indians this name was given to them. na hollo| n.| a white man; white men of all nations. The name of man when applied to white people| as hatak means man when red people are spoken of; a master| as the master of slaves. na hollo| a.| pertaining to a white man. na hollo hochitoka| n.| the great white men; Congress; commissioners of the Government. na hollo holitopa| n.| a beloved or sacred white man; an agent of the United States Government; the Indian agent is often thus called. na hollo inbissa| n.| a raspberry. na hollo inkowi| n.| an English mile. na hollo imahe| n.| an Irish potato; Irish potatoes; English potatoes. na hollo imanumpa| n.| the word of a white man; the language of white men; the English language| as English are most known to the Choctaw among white people. na hollo imalla| n.| a white man’s child. na hollo imohoyo| n.| a white man’s wife. na hollo imokchank| n.| a cucumber. na hollo intakkon| n.| an apple. na hollo itanowa| n.| a traveler. na hollo minko| n.| a royal white man; lit…

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