A Reference Grammar of the Northern Embera Languages


ISBN: 9781556710810
Dewey: 498
LCC Number: BS2815.3
Author: Jacob Harold Greenlee Charles Arthur Mortensen
Pages: 80
Age Group:


Compares and contrasts Embera-Katio and Northern Embera (Colombia) proper with each other and with other languages of the Embera branch of the Choco family. Gives special reference to Epena Pedee (Saija) of the Southern Embera group. Is of special interest to linguists of all persuasions| especially typologists| Americanists| and those interested in the Choco and adjacent language families. Builds on the fourth book in the subseries| Epena Pedee syntax| by Phillip L. Harms. Details grammatical structures from phonemics to discourse.

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