American Indian Design & Decoration


ISBN: 9780486227047
Dewey: 970.1
LCC Number: E59.A7
Author: LeRoy H Appleton
Pages: 279
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Well over 700 examples| drawn with painstaking care| are shown: representations of flora and fauna| men and gods| earth and sky; symbols of clan and tribe| religion and magic; formal designs from the primal to the highly intricate.
They appear in examples of basketry| weaving| pottery| sculpture| painting| lapidary work| masks| drumheads| weapons| apparel| beadwork| goldwork| blankets| ponchos| and many other forms.
The arts and crafts of India| Tiahuanaco| Chimu| Maya| Aztec| Zapotec| Totonac| Mixtec| Navaho| Zuni| Hopi| Apache| Cherokee| Creek| Winnebago| Dakota| Blackfoot| Nez Perce| Cheyenne| Crow| Sioux| Cochiti| Haida| Bellacoola and others known and unknown are here.

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