American Indians and Popular Culture 2 Volume Set


ISBN: 9780313379901
Dewey: 305.897
LCC Number: E98.P99
Author: Elizabeth Delaney Hoffman
Pages: 768
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The two-volume “American Indians and Popular Culture” seeks to help readers understand American Indians by analyzing their relationships with the popular culture of the United States and Canada. Volume 1 covers media| sports| and politics| while Volume 2 covers literature| arts| and resistance. Both volumes focus on stereotypes| detailing how they were created and why they are still allowed to exist.

In defining popular culture broadly to include subjects such as print advertising| politics| and science as well as literature| film| and the arts| this work offers a comprehensive guide to the important issues facing Native peoples today. Analyses draw from many disciplines and include many voices| ranging from surveys of movies and discussions of Native authors to first-person accounts from Native perspectives. Among the more intriguing subjects are the casinos that have changed the economic landscape for the tribes involved| the controversy surrounding museum treatments of American Indians| and the methods by which American Indians have fought back against pervasive ethnic stereotyping.

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