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Santa Ana Pueblo, Orlando Cruz, takes us on a journey from the front lines of the stand off at Standing Rock, North Dakota, to the Indigenous Peoples March, in Washington, D.C.

As we listen to the story told in Orlando’s voice, we are transported to the places he describes and feel as if we are traveling along with him. His kind spirit and gentle voice make us right at home and we slip into the story, unaware we have become a part of it as he draws us in with his open heart, insightful anecdotes and songs.

Orlando’s story is speckled with humor and mixed with deep thought and emotion, giving us a glimpse into what it’s like to be a Native American activist and water protector today. Throughout the book, Orlando, asks the questions that get people thinking in the direction of “How do I be more EARTH conscious in my life?”

Orlando’s questions begin to move us towards becoming the answer. Join Orlando Cruz’s Vibe Tribe, as he takes you around live with Native Media Network. Check out the hand made items Orlando, makes to support his travels. Look for a drum, headband, or t shirt made at Orlando’s home on the reservation. Orlando’s cool artist friends are listed in the book too. Read the book, make some new friends, and join in the fun writing your own round dance song. JOIN THE VIBE.

Live Feed, Life feeds, Life Seeds….

I have come a long way in trying to be positive. I am going to try and do things on a happy note.    ~ Orlando Cruz

I worked hard and got through making the cd, breaking the songs down and making them sound really good. I offered it up asking for it to be shared out.

Okay, It’s COLD but you can’t break our spirit.

When it got too cold to go out, we played cards in the tent to occupy ourselves. We made sure people were stocked up with wood first. It was too cold out for the women to cook so we survived with cup of noodles by adding hot water. We were snowed in but that was okay because we were having fun. The potties were packed so it was hard just to use the toilet. For a break, we rented a room at the casino.  Things were getting serious and it was cold. I still encouraged people to come and join us, but I told them to bring what they needed for the cold not what they wanted to be fashionable.

If you have love for humanity, you will be blessed, things will come, that’s what’s real.  ~ Orlando Cruz

Who Owns the Earth?

Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Who does the land belong to? No one. We belong to the land. Other people can have an opinion about it because they have a piece of paper that says they own the property that they reside on; but the truth of the matter is, we don’t own the land, we belong to the land. We always return to the Earth. When they bury you, where do you go? The Earth. When you are cremated, where do you go? Those who own that piece of paper have their own opinions. It is unfortunate how things are with the treaties. I have a house, I am here but the government can come and take it at any time. As indigenous people, we have to live with that fear every day and we shouldn’t have to. The reservation line is not too far from my yard. When people ask me where I am from, I tell them I come from the Santa Ana Pueblo, but as well, I am from right where I am standing. We are all indigenous.

Share the love of the Vibe Tribe, I share my love through music. How do you share your vibe?

Draw a picture of the most beautiful world you can imagine.

Love is the Key

What are we going to do now? We want to be sovereign; everyone should be sovereign. We were supposed to live side by side, that’s what the treaties meant; but that didn’t happen. We need to love, no matter what color or religion you are. How would you act if you felt hated? You would be angry. I don’t want to be angry. I want the tribes to be united. We are one in being, the same, as natives. There are gifted people granted great gifts. How do you use your gifts? I try in a good way; the way my grandparents shared with me. My grandparents said share with everyone even if it’s just a little, whether they were good or bad. Help each other. Do you have love for humanity? There is no book or manual for native culture. We could be sovereign by producing our own food.

We have to learn to live together or lots of people are going to die. There are Nuclear Plants in New Mexico. We have to let go of thoughts of war and become sustainable.

Water is the First Medicine

Water is a very important vital thing to our life. Don’t ever forget that. Women give life to you; you are swimming in water up to the moment you are born and more than half of your body is water. I am here in Austin, Texas, looking for Water Protectors. The most important thing is the water. That is why I am here, to learn more about the water. How we can clean it and use it? Water is the first medicine. I am here for knowledge because knowledge is power.


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