Whispers of the Ancients: Native Tales for Teaching and Healing in Our Time


ISBN: 9780472051069
Dewey: FIC
LCC Number: E99.C6
Author: Tamarack Song
Illustrator: ,Moses (Amik) Beaver
Pages: 196
Age Group:


This title includes narratives inspired by the retelling of Indian stories and legends, with gorgeous artwork. Stunning Aboriginal artwork combines with provocative storytelling to renew, in all their traditional splendor, exceptional legends from around the world. Entertaining, profound, passionate, glorious – these are stories that illustrate and evoke themes common to everyone’s life, with an ancient wisdom that helps the listener to cope with today’s opportunities for tenderness, grief, passion, and irony. It’s easy to imagine yourself transported back to a time when an elder might have told stories like these around a glowing hearth. Thanks to Song’s storytelling skills, monsters, heroes, and shape-shifters come alive and open a doorway to the mysteries of life. Easily accessible to all ages, this is a book that speaks to each person at his or her own level of comprehension and need. It’s as beautiful to read as it is to look at.

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