100 Native Americans: Who Shaped American his


ISBN: 9780912517513
Dewey: B
LCC Number: E89
Author: Bonnie Juettner
Pages: 112
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In this book readers will be fascinated to learn about a wide variety of men and women who have made significant impacts upon the his of the United States.Native Americans from various regions — spanning time from early European discovery to present day — are featured.
Chronologically organized| the book begins with Dekanawida| the founder of the legendary Iroquois Confederacy.
A diverse selection of other Native Americans are also included| such as Pocahontas| Metacomet| Geronimo| Sitting Bull| Crazy Horse| Will Rogers| Jim Thorpe| Jay Silverheels| and Dennis Banks.
The book concludes with Sherman Alexie| a prolific and critically acclaimed writer.Readers will discover what Sacagawea contributed to the Lewis and Clark expedition; how Cochise went from formidable warrior to a force for peace; who was the first Native American woman to become a medical doctor; why Annie Dodge Wauneka was the first Native American to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom; and much more!

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