1812 the Land Between Flowing Waters


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Author: Ken Leland
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This is a story of four families struggling to survive in the time of the 1812 war.
The Benjamins found freedom from slavery in Upper Canada.
Now with their white neighbours and friends| the Lockwoods| both families must defend a new homeland from impending American invasion.
These families are the Loyalists| living near Niagara Falls.
The Babcocks are pacifist Quakers who have found a place of peace| security and tolerance in the British province| yet they too are threatened as the war begins to flow around them.
Finally| for Kshiwe| Kmonokwe and their children| 1812 is just another season of fear among First Nations people facing extinction.
This Neshnabek family lives many days travel to the west| in a place settlers call Indiana.

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