4-Ever-In-My Heart


ISBN: 9780692286302
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Author: Terrie McClay
Pages: 364
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Above all, Lorena loves horses. She has committed her days to breeding and raising them, but her life is about to become very complicated when she inherits her grandpa’s horse ranch in Montana. While exploring an old trunk in the attic, Lorena learns about her true heritage and is captivated by an old photograph and journal that she discovers, She begins dreaming of a young warrior and is both fascinated and frightened when her dreams take an unusual turn, and she begins to see a mysterious young brave sitting on the back of a black and white paint horse. Things get even more complicated when her dreams literally come true in the form of Sky Hunter a handsome, troubled Lakota man with whom she has had a mysterious connection even before they actually meet. Sky, who is depressed, unemployed, drinks too much, and is haunted by his own demons, has been having his own dreams and visions, and his heart leads him on a course that will change his and Lorena’s lives forever. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of Lakota culture and their complex relationship with other Americans, Terrie McClay weaves a story of intense love, deep-seated hatred, long-standing prejudice, and ghostly spirituality.

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