A Bag of Bones, Legends of the Wintu (Ninth Printing)


ISBN: 9780911010268
Dewey: 970.3
LCC Number: E99.W79
Author: Marcelle Masson
Pages: 130
Age Group:


Traditional Wintu myths told by Grant Towendolly| primarily to Marcelle Masson| who transcribed them and wrote background material including a biographical sketch of the Towendolly family. Some myths were written down by Towendolly himself and some were dictated to other members of the Masson family.; Grant Towendolly [was] a son of William Towendolly| former headman of a Trinity County group of the Wintu Indians. Grant had been trained by his father for leadership| a preparation which included learning the myths and legends of his people and … the correct way to narrate these stories

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