A Dictionary of Creek/Muskogee


ISBN: 9780803283022
Dewey: 497.3
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Author: Jack B Martin Margaret McKane Mauldin
Pages: 397
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“This book represents what may be the optimal collaboration for work on Creek| between a linguist . . . and a native speaker. . . . The compilers of this dictionary have done a splendid job| providing maps| pictures| and illustrations that enhance the pleasure of consulting it.”-Anthropological Linguistics. “Any tribe that is considering publishing a language dictionary would do well to browse this book as a possible model for the format.”-American Indian Libraries. The result of more than ten years of research| A Dictionary of Creek/Muskogee draws on the expertise of a linguist and a native Creek speaker to yield the first modern dictionary of the Creek language of the southeastern United States. The dictionary contains over seven thousand Creek-English entries| over four thousand English-Creek entries| and over four hundred Creek place names in Alabama| Georgia| Florida| and Oklahoma. The volume also includes illustrations| a map| antonyms| dialects| stylistic information| word histories| and other useful reference material. Entries are given in both the traditional Creek spelling and a modern phonemic transcription. A Dictionary of Creek/Muskogee is the standard reference work for the Creek language. Jack B. Martin is an associate professor of English at the College of William and Mary and a specialist in southeastern Native languages. Margaret McKane Mauldin is an instructor of Creek at the University of Oklahoma.

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