A Face to My Name, Vol. III, First Edition


ISBN: 9780989089524
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Author: Sheri McNeil Savory
Pages: 306
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This is one volume of many found in the A Face to My Name Collection. New generations of Genealogists analyze DNA evidence and the origins of the Gist| McNeil and related families. Y – DNA results for McNeil test subjects illuminate the relationship between Barra and Argyll Scotland Clans while identifying roots of Colonists in America. An extensive study of the American Gist Y – DNA identifies multiple lines while answering questions asked after the “Dorsey” book. Since Christopher Gist set foot on Maryland shores in 1679| many have been curious as to his connection to all of the English and American Gist| Guess| Guest lines. Blood ties to royalty through the Houses of Tudor| Stewart| Howard| Guise and related families enlighten descendants about their lost heritage. Illegitimate children of the English monarchs reveal startling truths and a family history concealed from the world for generations. Follow the trail of the family of William Still| Father of the Underground Railroad| as their Gist/Guest/Guess connection is examined. A unique collection of census| land and military documents provides researchers with data necessary to unlock hidden truths about their American Gist| Guess| Guest and related families of NC| SC| KY| TN| AR| AL| GA| and TX. Come on an adventure| and touch the Holy Grail of research through these new techniques while learning how to trace your own genealogy. Many stand shocked and amazed as they see what the “face to their name” looks like.

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