A Time Before Deception: Truth in Communication, Culture & Ethics


ISBN: 9780940666894
Dewey: 302.2
LCC Number: GN452
Author: Thomas Cooper
Illustrator: 20 llustrations
Pages: 256
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INDIAN COUNTRY BOOKS is pleased to announce a major book on Native Communication

It is indeed very encouraging that the recent development in our great national debate is finally turning towards a search for the truth. We are very pleased to announce that A Time Before Deception; Truth in Communication, Culture and Ethics, by Thomas W. Cooper is available to validate what Native Americans and Indigenous cultures have known as integral part of their cultural continuity.

The search for the truth has been the quest of philosophers and great societies for millenniums. A common element investigated is honesty and integrity in communicating. This book offers meaningful insight into the communication of truth and ethics by Native American and other Indigenous peoples that we feel can be of benefit in your investigation. Our founding fathers turned to the Iroquois people to help them structure the Constitution of the United States and incorporated many elements that have become the very fiber of the freedoms that we enjoy today and have created a society that has become a model for all of the world.

We feel that A Time Before Deception can offer some invaluable insights on how our Native American culture would deal with the current phenomenon of “Fake News” and provide a better understanding into the communication crisis that we have created for ourselves.

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“Here is a treasure of knowledge, insight, and especially inspiration for all who have an interest in ethical, ‘authentic’ communication, beyond the Native American cultures which provide both context and model…a call to learn from Indigenous Peoples…a journey of the heart as well as the mind.”
Professor David L. Smith
Emmy award winning PBS Producer

Amidst the unprecedented media frenzy precipitated by the “White House Scandal,” former assistant to Marshall McLuhan (“The medium is the message”) and communications expert Thomas W. Cooper brings us an “antidote” with his new book, A TIME BEFORE DECEPTION: Truth in Communication, Culture, and Ethics , an exploration that “…documents the spirituality, self respect, and downright common sense of people to whom communication was a release of stored energy and power.” (Booklist)

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