Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today 2 Volume Set


ISBN: 9780313381447
Dewey: 305.896
LCC Number: E78.2
Author: Russell M Lawson
Pages: 868
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Despite the fact that 565 federally recognized tribes exist on the continent of North America| non-Native Americans typically know very little about the modern world of American Indians. In a few instances| the uneasy coexistence of the two cultures has served to create controversy| such as fake Indians fraudulently leveraging ethnicity-based benefits| U.S. officials disposing of nuclear waste near reservations| and sports clubs basing mascots on cultural stereotypes. This unique survey scrutinizes the historical background as well as the contemporary issues of American Indian societies as both part of–and completely separate from–the world around them. Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today features subjects commonly discussed| including reservations| poverty| and sovereignty| as well as more obscure issues such as recent missionaries to Indians| the problem of solid waste on reservations| and the lives of urban Indians. Organized into ten sections| the book also provides helpful sidebars and informative essays to address topics on casinos and gaming| sexual identity| education| and poverty.

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