Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes


ISBN: 9780816062744
Dewey: 970.00497
LCC Number: E76.2
Author: Carl Waldman
Pages: 360
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Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes| Third Edition is a fully updated reference discussing more than 200 American Indian tribes of North America| as well as prehistoric peoples and civilizations.
Arranged alphabetically by tribe or group| this comprehensive work offers 60 new entries on tribes not covered in depth in the previous editions.
The informative| accessible text summarizes the historical record – locations| migrations| contacts with non-Indians| wars| and more – and includes present-day tribal affairs and issues.
The book also covers traditional Indian lifeways| including diet| housing| transportation| tools| clothing| art| and rituals| as well as language families.
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes| Third Edition includes at least one representative tribe from each language family or language isolate for each of the culture areas.

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