Another Country


ISBN: 9780820322377
Dewey: 976.889
LCC Number: F443.G7
Author: Christopher Camuto
Pages: 351
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The southern Appalachians encompass one of the most beautiful| biologically diverse| and historically important regions of North America. In the widely acclaimed Another Country: Journeying toward the Cherokee Mountains| Christopher Camuto describes the tragic collision of natural and cultural history embedded in the region. In the spirit of Thoreau’s Walking| Camuto explores the Appalachian summit country of the Great Smoky Mountains — the historical home of the Cherokee — searching for access to the nature| history| and spirit or a magnificent| if diminished| landscape. As the author takes the reader through old growth forests and ancient myths| he tells of the attempted restoration of Canis rufus| the controversial red wolf| to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He details the impact of European occupation and his meditations on the enduring relevance of Cherokee language| thought| and mythology evoke an appreciation of what were once sacred rivers| forests| and mountains. Through this attempt to catch glimpses of the Cherokee Mountains beyond the veil of the southern Appalachians| Camuto forges a new consciousness about the complex| conflicted past hidden there and leaves us with an important| thought-provoking book about a haunting American region.

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